Today Ms. Amond’s sixth year biology students were treated to a party and a last “lecture” & slide show in the demonstration room.  Pictured here is her sixth year biology class, and if you look carefully, herself!!  Best wishes to Ms. Amond in the future…..see you at the graduation night for the class of 2015. And thanks […]

Head Prefects Laura and Emma write:
Today, September 5th, the Student Council hosted a luncheon and presentation in honour of Mrs. Cahill’s retirement. Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, senior Student Council representatives and teachers met in the Community Room to wish Mrs. Cahill best wishes and good health in her retirement.
Pitured here are Emma, Laura, Shauna, […]

The Student Council hosted a luncheon in the Community Room today in honour of Mrs Claire Thomas’s recent retirement after a long and sucessful career in our Maths Department. Head Prefects and Student Council members are pictured here with Mrs Thmoas (centre), our Principal Ms Angela McGarvey and Mrs Anne Cassidy our Student Council Liaison.

Ms Donagh’s very last task on her last day as Principal was to hand over the keys of the school to our new Principal, Ms Angela McGarvey. Ms McGarvey is native of Cavan, a past pupil of the school, and the former Principal in Loreto, Mullingar. In a recent interview in the Anglo Celt newspaper, […]

The Second Year students held a farewell presentation today to mark the departure of Mrs Maria Finn, their former Head of Year. The students, their Senior Prefects, Class Tutors, Principal Ms Donagh and Deputy Principal Mrs Ó’Mordha all gathered to welcome Mrs Finn, and on behalf of all the students in the year, the class […]

Our Head Prefects, Kate and Lucy, and some members of our Student Council are pictured here with Mr Killian McGuinness. The Student Council commissioned this painting to mark the occasion of his retirement from Loreto.