Our class, St. Laisreán, recently visited the ISPCA centre in Keenagh, County Longford for our CSPE Action Project. While on our trip we learned about animal cruelty and how the ISPCA helps to rehabilitate and rehome animals. The ISPCA gave us a tour of their centre in Longford to show us the various animals that […]

Attracta Mc Niece from Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP) visited the school to talk to students from St. Liadán about homelessness. The talk made us more aware of homelessness and how lucky we are to live in nice, warm homes.  Attracta highlighted that many people in Ireland live without basic essentials. It also made us […]

St Liadán’s (1st Yr) class writes:
Our class is doing a mini action project called “Taking the ‘Dis’ out of ‘Disablity” as part of our CSPE (Civic, Social and Political Education) coursework.
Our aim is to spread awareness about disability. We have researched well known celebrities that have a disability eg Kiera Knightly, Stephen Hawking and Kelly […]

Niamh Braiden and Niamh Galligan (St Joshua CSPE class) write:
As part of the Civic, Social and Political Education programme, 2nd Yr class St Joshua paid a visit with our teacher Mrs Fitzpatrick to St Christopher’s Hospice which is situated just beside our school.

We are doing our C.S.P.E action project on the concept of human dignity. […]

Lenka Moidlova writes:
On the 15th of April 2011 St. Hilary’s class had a guest speaker come to the class as part of their CSPE Action Project. A Community Guard from An Garda Siochana to talk about the law surrounding drugs. The guard was able to inform the class about the power which guards have […]