All first year students took part in the first round of this maths competition, which is a multiple-choice problem based test based on all areas of mathematics. The competition is ran by the IMTA. Congratulations to the top ten students from the school Ciara Aiken Scanlon, Grainne Grogan, Vicki Millar Murphy, Ciara McMillan, Jessica Buckley, Andrea Lee, Kate Lynch, Paulina Marmur, Meadbh Fitzimon and Chloe Gilcreest. These studentsโ€™ results were sent to the organising committee who selected the finalists based on their score and the scores of other first year students in the region.

We are delighted to announce that three of our students Grainne Grogan, Paulina Marmur and Chloe Gilcreest have been selected to partake in the final round of the competition. This is a fantastic achievement and we wish them the best of luck. The final will be held in Beech Hill College, Monaghan on Friday 12th May.  


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