Maths Week 2016

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Maths Week 2016


During Maths Week (15th – 23rd of October) students took part in many activities for maths week, the first and second year students had a ‘jigsaw’ class where they worked as teams to be the first to complete their mathematical jigsaw. Lots of groups got very close to completing with a few being the fastest teams to finish on the day- knowledge of integers and algebra was required to complete this activity as well as teamwork so well done to all who took part. Thank you also to Mrs Shannon and the TY students who helped prepare the jigsaws.

Puzzle of the day

All week on the maths week poster board students were given a ‘puzzle of the day’. These logic/shape and number puzzles were attempted by lots of students from all years (as well as some teachers!) with many correct solutions being given up by our mathematically talented students! Well done to all who took part, prizes were awarded in school on Tuesday.

Poster board

Lots of information on exciting maths careers that use maths such as animation, fashion design, aeronautical engineering and meteorology was displayed on our poster board. We also displayed a list of female mathematicians throughout history, maybe one day a Loreto College Cavan student will join the list! Another list on display for the week was 9 ways maths can help you win the bake off- great Irish bake off next year watch out!! Thank you to the TY class who helped prepare the maths board.

Maths eyes

Third year students competed in a ‘maths eyes’ poster competition where they displayed where they see maths every day, some posters ranging from aeroplanes, baking, streetlights, timetables and lots more. The winners of this competition were displayed all week on the maths poster board, a huge amount of posters came in so well done for all the effort made by third years on this activity.

Thanks to the Mathematics department; Ms Shannon, Ms Sweeney, Ms Smith, Mr Clarke, Ms Farrell and Ms Scully who organised and supervised students for the maths week activities.  Below are some photographs taken during Maths Week. By Ms Sweeney, Maths Department.





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