Three Transition Year students recently participated in the BT Young Scientist 2015 exhibition.

“Can you beat us” is a project on game theory by Ciara Finan and Emma O’ Reilly. The girls pursued a mathematical study of how to use game theory to develop a winning strategy for a game called Pick-Up, reducing this down to a mathematical formula. They feel that a module on game theory could be added to a schools Transition Year curriculum as it would help with maths and probability as well as other subject areas such as economics and biology.

“Effect of Pyramidology on Plants”, a project entered by Beth Carolan investigated the effect of one aspect of pyramidology, “Pyramid Power” on the germination and growth of plants. This involved the construction of pyramid models and the monitoring of plant growth within these models. Beth carried out extensive research on previous studies carried out by Eastern European and Russian scientists in this field and based her investigation around these studies.

Pictured below is Beth standing proudly by her project and a photograph of Ciara and Emma as seen in the The Irish Times.


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