So far, it has been a very busy and exciting term for us the four Pastoral Care Prefects.  We have had a lot of responsibility, as we have been very involved in organising three Whole School Initiatives.

The first themed week was Courtesy and Good Manners Week – September 22nd-26th.  During this week we made posters for the Pastoral Care Notice Board as well as signs for the doors around the school, reminding us all within the school community of the importance of Courtesy and Good Manners e.g. “Hold the Door.”  We also read poems relating to the theme over the Intercom every day.

The second initiative Mental Well-Being Week, took place from October 6th-10th.  We put positive and uplifting sayings and quotes on the Pastoral Care Notice Board and on corridors.  We also gave out a list of useful Telephone Numbers and Websites to each of the teachers to put in their classrooms.

The most recent themed week we were involved in was ‘Friendship Week’ November 17th – 21st.  We formed a ‘Friendship Committee’ along with some other Sixth Year Prefects.  We organised different activities for each year group, e.g. Fifth year students took part in class based quizzes.  The Friendship Committee made up all the quiz questions.  This activity was very successful and enjoyable as it helped the former Transition Year students bond with their new year group.  Sixth year students watched an episode of ‘Friends’ in their Pastoral Care class.  This was quite a treat and distracted us from the stresses of the Leaving Cert!

This term too, a number of talks were organised.  Fifth and Sixth Year students were very privileged to have listened to an inspirational talk given by Mrs Elma Walsh – mother of the late Dónal Walsh.  Dr Aíne Sullivan too, spoke to Sixth Year students and gave very practical advice and tips on stress management.  Garda Bohan gave a very informative talk on Personal Safety to Fifth Years.

There has been very positive feedback from both teachers and pupils to our three themed weeks.  We are really enjoying our role as Pastoral Care Prefects. By Aisling Brady, Aíne Crowe, Aoife Dunne and Amy O’Rourke – Pastoral Care Prefects. 


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