Shannen Lane and Niamh Donohoe (TY Athena) write:
On Monday the 3rd of September 2012 Natasha Tighe from ‘Strategic Intervention‘ visited our school to work with Transition Year students for two hours.
She explained how there are two wolves in all of us, a good wolf and a bad one. She told us how the wolves were in contest with each other to become the bigger and better wolf. She explained to us how the wolf we feed would come out on top. We could feed the good wolf but having a positive attitude towards ourselves and others. She also told us how being negative and mean to ourselves and others could feed the bed wolf and no one wanted to feed that wolf. She also made us close our eyes and think about a rose. It could be any kind of rose, any colour, any shape. She told us how we were the rose and we were beautiful and strong in our own way. While we were doing this excerise a word would appear to each of us and that word would describe us. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Natasha Tighe certainly left her mark on all of us.


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