Our class, St. Laisreán, recently visited the ISPCA centre in Keenagh, County Longford for our CSPE Action Project. While on our trip we learned about animal cruelty and how the ISPCA helps to rehabilitate and rehome animals. The ISPCA gave us a tour of their centre in Longford to show us the various animals that are in their care such as dogs, cats, goats and horses.

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are a voluntary organisation set up to help, rescue, treat and responsibly rehome tens of thousands of animals of all different species. The ISPCA does not get much funding from the government so they heavily rely on voluntary donations.

We were encouraged by the ISPCA to report any cases of animal cruelty and neglect that we see. Animals play a vital role in all of our lives and it would be a shame to see them mistreated. If you believe an animal is being cruelly treated or neglected, please call 1890 515515. Report by St. Laisreán students, 2nd Yr. 

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