On the 17th of April, we made our way to Athlone Springs Hotel for a transition year mini-company competition called ‘Get up and Go’. A total of 25 companies participated in this competition. This competition focuses on all aspects of a business: Quality, Innovation, Finance, Communication and Marketing. Two companies from our school were involved in this competition – ‘The Irish Mammy’s Company’ and ‘Farmivia’.

When we arrived, both companies set up their displays and the competition began. Each person in the group was given a label with either ‘A’, ‘B’ OR ‘C’ on it. In the first part, the A’s completed an interview with the judges and answered questions from B’s. The role of B was to go around the different companies and ask them about their business whilst filling out a report. C’s had to participate in a group discussion with other students, whilst a teacher asked us questions about our business. After the first part, all the different letters rotated – A’s changed to B’s, B’s changed to C’s and C’s changed to A’s. The rotation occurred one more time. Every person in the business had the opportunity to participate in all these activities.  Each business had a total of 5 judges interview them on all the aspects of their business.  After these activities, we got lunch in a nearby room.

Closing Ceremony: The main organiser of the competition spoke about the different companies and announced the winners for each category.

Irish Mammy’s Company: 2nd place in Quality and 2nd place in Marketing.

Farmivia: 2nd place in Communications

After this, they announced the companies that were through to Nationals. Unfortunately, neither company got through to Nationals, but we had a great experience.  Below are pictures of TY students who represented the school at the competition.  Report by Cora McCann, TY student.

Mini Company 1


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