Attracta Mc Niece from Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP) visited the school to talk to students from St. Liadán about homelessness. The talk made us more aware of homelessness and how lucky we are to live in nice, warm homes.  Attracta highlighted that many people in Ireland live without basic essentials. It also made us aware and more concerned about how people live around Ireland today. She told us that there are roughly 5,000 homeless people in Ireland today.  She informed us that the founder of SVP is Fredich Ozanam, and their approach is too help people in need by volunteering. Each student in St. Liadán donated €2 to help those in need.  We raised €58 in total.  We would like to thank Attracta Mc Niece for taking the time to come to our school and talking to us about the homelessness crisis that’s happening in Ireland at present.  Below is a picture of St. Liadán with Attracta Mc Niece (SVP). By Labhaoise Brennan and Fiona McKiernan, St. Liadán, 2nd Yr.

St Liadan CSPE


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