This year, to mark St. Brigid’s Day in Loreto Cavan, the Student Council decided to make St. Brigid’s Crosses to remind the student body of this inspirational Irish saint.
Without doubt, reminding the girls of her unfaltering faith, will give them hope and trust in God, especially those sitting state examinations this year.
The Student Council hope and pray, that through displaying these crosses throughout the school, the students, and the staff, will too be encouraged to live God’s will as St. Brigid aspired to.
This activity was also a great team building exercise for the council, as some members had never participated in such an activity before. Other members of the assembly showed excellent leadership qualities, as they taught others to make the cross which is the foundations of their faith.
The Student Council also decorated their noticeboard on the Concert Hall passage way to tell the story of St Brigid and ensure that all students were aware of her impact on Christianity and the development of the religion in Ireland.


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