The Student Council writes:
The Student Council here in Loreto Cavan decided to address the litter and chewing gum problem in our school. This week (April 8th- 12th) we hosted an anti-litter and anti-chewing gum campaign. Anti-Litter poems were read on the PA system and a competition was held. This competition to design a poster or slogan regarding Anti-Litter and Anti-Chewing gum was open to all students. Members of the Student Council also circled each piece of chewing gum on the school grounds! The circling of the gum will be redone due to the bad weather. We believe that this highlighted the chewing gum issue as well as reinforcing the amount of littered chewing gum in the area. Pictures of bins were placed above each bin to remind the staff and students where the bins are. Posters about the dangers of chewing gum were also displayed. The Student Council notice board was also decorated with posters, on a background of a beautiful sun and rainbow. The sun and rainbow were displayed to reinforce the importance and beauty of the undamaged, unpolluted natural environment.
We intend to continue this campaign until the end of the year. We can only hope that students will realise the impact that litter has on the environment and on the school community.


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