The JCIP committee report:
March 8th is International Woman’s Day, so the JPIC committee along with the help of Ms. Kelly, organised an event to celebrate what women have achieved in the past, and what they are capable of achieving in the future.
The JPIC group dressed up as their heroines to mark this occasion (pictured below). Members of the Student Council and their liaison teacher Mrs Cassidy also took part in Heroine Day to support the JPIC in this endeavour. They visited a number of classes and were visible to every student throughout the school. They stopped and informed the students about their heroines and about International Women’s Day.
From this very positive experience, the JPIC and Student Council hope that they have inspired the girls here in Loreto College that they too can live Mary Ward’s vision and ‘do much’. Perhaps students here in Loreto will accomplish as much as these amazing women throughout their own lives.
Pictured below are our Heroines:
(back row left to right)
Emmalouise Brady as Mary Robinson, Áne Mulligan as Marie Curie, Eimear Connolly as Adi Roche, Kayleigh McCaffery as Coco Chanel, Maliosa McKeon as Emmeline Pankhurst, Abike Aiyegbusi as Miriam Makeba, Niamh Kelly as Mary Ward and Holly Brennan as Audrey Hepburn.
(front row left to right):
Leanne Sheridan as Hillary Clinton, Chloe Micallef as Mother Teresa, Lauren Gaynor as Amelia Earhart, Lisa Smith as Anne Frank and Aoife Finan as Katie Taylor.


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