Sr Marie Céline Clegg IBVM joined the incoming Senior Prefects at Pastoral Care time today to deliver a workshop titled ‘Reflection on Leadership’. She is pictured here receiving a Thank You presentation from our new Head Prefect Eimear Connolly and Deputy Head Prefect Aishling Brady (picture by Megan Brady 5th Yr).

Head Prefect for 2013/2014, Eimear Connolly, reports:
On 20th February 2013 Sr.Marie Céline kindly came to talk to us on the topic of leadership. As all 5th Year students are commencing their new prefects roles, we felt that this talk would be very helpful and worthwhile to guide us in our new positions.
Aishling opened the afternoon talk by welcoming Sr.Marie to our school and thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to be with us. Sr.Marie then began her inspirational reflection on leadership. She informed us leaders do not come with specific values or set personalities. This is due to the fact that every individual is unique and has something different to offer to any leadership role.
We then completed an exercise and selected ten Potential Values that we would like to possess throughout our lifetime. This simple exercise gave us a greater understanding of who we are and what we strive to be. We then learned that values and actions are strongly connected and how they complement each other in everyday life. An example includes the value of co-operation leading to the action of working with both teachers and students for the good of the school.
Sr. Marie Céline then went on to present a powerful slide involving different animals to represent the many different varieties of individuals there are in the world today. An example of this is the lion. This powerful and strong animal represents a mature and
confident person, who would make a good chairperson of a committee. This character promotes decision-making and can delegate well with others. All os us Fifth Year students could relate to a particular animal which plays its part in the Animal Kingdom. No committee can
successfully function without a combination of all the different types of people working together.This can be linked to the fact that no year group can function successfully without the co-operation and determination of each individual.
She concluded that no individual achievement can equal the pleasure of leading a group of people to achieve a worthy goal. We now have a greater insight and understanding of the many opportunites and challenges that all leadership roles bring.
We thoroughly enjoyed this educational and worthwhile talk and we hope to strive towards these values throughout our lifetime. On behalf of all fifth years students of Loreto College, I availed of the opportunity to thank Sr.Marie Céline for her inspirational talk on the topic of leadership, and Deputy Prefect Aishling presented Sr Marie Celine with a small gift (picture above).


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