Dental Hygiene Workshop

January 24, 2012 |  Tagged , , , | Leave a Comment

Alice Breslin and Amy Delaney (TY) write:
Today eleven TY students took part in an Oral Health workshop. In this course we were taught all the essentail details of Oral Hygiene. We were also given notes and tips on how to present our learnings. We learned useful tips on how to clean your teeth and we got to practice on fake teeth. We learned how to help prevent plaque build up and tooth decay. We were also giving models of a human mouth and a tooth brush to practise teaching. On the 10th of February we will have our first class teaching 1st years about the importance of dental hygiene and showing them how to look after their teeth. Overall it was a very enjoyable course to do.

Pictured below is Shannon learning to use the models to teach.


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