Ciara Deering, Loreto World challenge group writes:
On the 8th of October our group met in Butlersbridge to get on a mini bus to bring us Down for the weekend. We arrived with rucksacks on our backs, big boots on our feet and warmly rapped up. To get started we had to pick a place to pitch our five tents and after more than an hour of decision-making we set up tent in a semi-circle. After getting confused and frustrated we managed to erected five normal looking tents.
We sat down to lunch and then started on our day’s hike. A long hike to the top of the mountain was broken up by small lessons by our guide on leadership, communication, jobs, how to purify water and so on. We got a view of the seaside town of Newcastle from the top and could even see across the Irish sea to England.
Back at camp we started the task of cooking dinner. Pasta and bean feast resulted in very burnt pots and a gruel like substance however we were all very hungry and ate the majority of it. Our guide gave us a break down of the day and we drank hot chocolate, soap and ate marshmallows. Lights bobbed around the our camp site as we got really for bed.
We snuggled down to sleep in our sleeping bags. The wind howled around outside and shook our tents. The rain tapped on our roofs. In the morning we were up early to porridge with nutella and hot chocolate.
Another walk in the other direction followed. We took short cuts much to the annoyance of our guide. We ate lunch on the top of another mountain and were taught what to go if we have an accident and headed back to pack and clean up.
Tired and looking forward to Sunday dinner at home we climbed back onto the bus and headed back to Cavan, after a very different however enjoyable weekend.


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