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Ciara Sheridan (TY Hibernia) writes:
On Wednesday the 9th of November both the Loreto girls and the Dutch exchange students took part in some traditional Irish baking as they attempted to create soda bread and apple crumble. The rush began in the kitchen as the students started making the soda bread. Most of the Dutch students never did Home Economics before so this was all new to them. As the flour was sieved and mixture poured into tins anticipation rose through the kitchen waiting to see how the finished product turned out. Whilst waiting on the bread to bake we started on the apple crumble. After several apples where chopped and crumble made the apple crumble was ready for the oven. Excitement was in the air as wash up was quickly taken care of and rushing back to the oven the students removed the piping hot crumble and bread. After being sliced and buttered the bread was ready to eat and you could smell the fresh bread from down the hall. Everything went very successfully and nothing was burnt as the two groups of students showed great teamwork and communication.


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