As part of our TY Comenius programme, many projects had to be undertaken. For the programmeโ€™s first destination โ€“ the five schools visiting Ireland – we had explored various issues at a local level. These issues included Religion, Music, Limerick, Sport and the Green Flag. Following this we took the next step by looking at issues that we are proud and ashamed of in our country. We – the class of Monnet- decided to base our project on the Green image of Ireland whilst highlighting the other side to this perfect image. Whilst we were busy working tirelessly on this topic, the other Transition year class – Schuman โ€“ were carrying out research on the topic they had chosen, the Troubles. Both classes presented their findings in the form of a movie. As requested by the hosting Spanish school, we prepared a song and dance to perform during assembly. (It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.)

With all our preparation completed, five of us made our way to Sant Cugat in Spain with Mrs Gaffney, which became our home for the week. Each student stayed with a host family in various neighbourhoods surrounding the school, Agora. With beautiful weather and a bulging schedule the week was thoroughly enjoyed by all, as you can see in a picture here taken with some of the other project students. What a success!!!!

Posted by Sarah Olwill and Orlaith McGovern (TY Monnet).


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